About Us

The Public Safety Technology Alliance

Helping Public Safety Leverage the Internet of Life Saving Things (IoLST)

Public safety communications is undergoing a paradigm shift in technology that will fundamentally alter the way in which information is shared between the general public and first responders, and among different public safety agencies. With the advent of FirstNet, and the rise of dedicated LTE networks, now more than ever public safety professionals will require a common, standards compliant, and interoperable framework for their mission critical communications tools.

The Public Safety Technology Alliance (PSTA), comprised of telecommunications industry, public safety, and technology leaders, is a nonprofit coalition with a mission of adopting open, best-in-class, standards-based technology for the public safety user community. As broadband and narrowband networks evolve to meet the demands of first responders, so too must the standards evolve to ensure interoperability between and among the various networks, applications and databases upon which public safety users rely.

Through coordinated testing events and focused committee-led efforts, the PSTA will seek to pull together the various standards from organizations like 3GPP, FirstNet, NPSTC, APCO, ETSI, ICAM, and others to help create a public safety focused framework and open APIs that can be used to create technology (hardware and software) and ensure that communications and data management tools created for public safety users are standards compliant and interoperable.

As public safety applications mature, the PSTA is committed to developing an open repository of APIs, interface specifications and best practices to guide application development initiatives. These open frameworks will include encryption standards and requirements for public safety apps, as well as a common platform for single sign-on standards-compliant technologies.